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Serving the Memphis Metro Area 
Poplar Location:       901-763-4393
American Way Location:    901-365-0930
Germantown Parkway Location:         901-754-1881
Raleigh LaGrange Location:      901-382-3937

Eye Exams

Life has never looked better 

Eye Exams

Maximize Your Vision and Eye Health

At Eyes For You, we maximize your vision and eye health with thorough eye examinations at each location. We provide our patients with eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions, along with eye health evaluations. We also detect, diagnose, and treat various eye diseases and conditions. Assure your child is performing their best with optimal vision and health! You may call us to schedule an appointment or walk into any location.
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Poplar Location 

American Way Location

Germantown Parkway Location

Raleigh LaGrange Location
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